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A Deadly Affair

A Deadly Affair (2017) Online

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access_time Διάρκεια: 1h 30m
star Βαθμολογία: 6.7/10

Mary (Austin Highsmith) and Charlie's (Alan Powell) marriage had become a little rocky, he forgot their anniversary whilst she almost slept with their friend Trevor (Luke Edwards) whose partner, Susan (Valerie Azlynn), is always working as she is a lawyer. But Mary is becoming suspicious of Charlie when he says he is working late on a property he is renovating and decides to show up there unannounced only to find him dead. With Charlie's sister, Crystal (Lorna Street Dopson), suspecting that Mary might have done it and with police investigating she turns to Susan for legal help. Για να δείς τη ταινία A Deadly Affair online με ελληνικούς υπότιτλους πάτα σε ένα από τα link πιο κάτω.

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