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The Long Riders (1980)


The origins, exploits and the ultimate fate of the James gang is told in a sympathetic portrayal of the bank robbers made up of brothers who begin their legendary bank raids because of revenge....

La montagna del dio cannibale (1978)


A girl and her brother fly to New Guinea to look for a lost expedition, led by her husband, which has vanished in the great jungle....

Gray Lady Down (1978)


The USS Neptune, a nuclear submarine, is sunk off the coast of Connecticut after a collision with a Norwegian cargo ship. The navy must attempt a potentially dangerous rescue in the hope of saving the lives...

Il grande attacco (1978)


A story of how World War II affected the lives of a German family and an American family, both of whom had sons and fathers fighting in the war....

Up in Smoke (1978)


An unemployed pot-smoking slacker and amateur drummer, Anthony Stoner ditches his strict parents and hits the road, eventually meeting kindred spirit Pedro de Pacas. While the drug-ingesting duo is soon arrested for possession of...

The Duellists (1977)


Κατά τη διάρκεια των Ναπολεόντειων Πολέμων, ένας Γάλλος αξιωματικός προσβάλλει έναν συνάδελφο του και ξεκινάει μια μεγάλη βεντέτα ζωής. Ο Ντ’Ιμπέρ και ο Φερό διασταυρώνουν συνεχώς τα ξίφη τους σε μονομαχίες για να πετύχουν, ο...

Jesus of Nazareth (1977)


Passion, beauty, and brilliant storytelling are all on display in this six-hour-plus epic from Italian director Franco Zeffirelli. Robert Powell is superb in the title role, and with the overwhelming success of this TV...

The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972)


Outlaw and self-appointed lawmaker, Judge Roy Bean, rules over an empty stretch of the West that gradually grows, under his iron fist, into a thriving town, while dispensing his his own quirky brand of frontier...

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