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Gangnam 1970 (2015)


A "gangster noir" set in the 1970s, when Gangnam, Seoul goes under development. Political powers and darker organizations collide as they seek to grab control of the influential and exclusive area....

My Little Hero (2013)


Ο σκηνοθέτης παιδικών μιούζικαλ Il-Han έχει τη μοναδική ευκαιρία να κάνει ακρόαση για το μιούζικαλ "Ο Μεγάλος Βασιλιάς Jung-Jo". Ακρόαση κάνει και ο Young-gwang, μισός Κορεάτης-μισός Φιλιππινέζος που έχει υπέροχη φωνή. Μαζί...

Mr Socrates (2005)


Ku Dong's life is going nowhere, spending his days beating people in the streets, he seems to be confined to repeat the same mistakes of his father, who happens to be already in jail. Even...

…ing (2003)


Follows the life of a young woman (Min-ah) who has become reserved and indifferent to the world as a result of her chronic illness/deformed hand and quietly portrays the unconventional, yet endearing relationship between...

(2016 TV Mini Series)


When Hye-Jung was young, her life was difficult. She was good at fighting, but also studied well. Overcoming her tough situation, she is now a doctor....

(2006 TV Mini Series)


Which Star Are You From is a South Korean television drama that aired on MBC in 2006....