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Vares – Sheriffi (2015)


Jussi Vares find two bodies of Turku outskirts of women, which has been shot in the head, and the man whose body is full of runes similar to the cuts, which suggest that the murder would...

Leijonasydän (2013)


Neo-Nazi falls in love with a woman who has a black son and finds himself fighting with conflicting feelings....

Garter Snake (2011)


In the heat of the night, a man from faraway plays the piano. In the local hillside prison, a bitter double-crossed convict stares at the city life over the roofs. A revenge is brewing in...

Vares – Pahan suudelma (2011)


A young college student is found stabbed to death,and private detective Vares life takes an interesting turn when the girls family asks him to investigate the case....

(2013- )


“Εισβάλει” στην ιστορία του επικού αλλά και βίαιου κόσμου των ισχυρών Norsemen οι οποίοι εισέβαλαν και διαπραγματεύονταν κατά τη διάρκεια του μεσαίωνα. Τα κατορθώματα του Ragnar Lothbrok, τον ανάγουν σε...